Eligibility, Exemptions & Qualifying


The California State Fair Men's Championship (SFC) is primarily an exempt player event for 156 tournament scratch Amateur golfers, non-exempt amateurs are eligible to qualify via  the Sacramento City or County Championships or through the U.S. Amateur qualifying.  See qualifying details below.   Entry forms for the SFC can be obtained from this website by clicking STATE FAIR MEN'S ENTRY FORM (in pdf format).


Amateurs who meet one or more of the following categories are exempt from qualifying: (point/ranking exemptions at Receipt of entry or 8/17/17, whichever is higher) *blank entry filed for spots reserved.

Sacramento Golf Council Tournament Exemptions
     • Prior State Fair finish Men's Championship
     • Top 30 in '16, top 10 in ‘15, top 5 in '14, 2nd in 13 & 12, Champion since 2011.
     • 2017 and (blank entry for '16 State Fair Junior Champion)
     • 2016 State Fair Masters Champion
     • Prior finish in the Sacramento County Men's Championship
           (top 10 in 2017, top 3 in 2016 or 2015 Championship)
     • Prior finish in the Sacramento City Men's Championship
          (top 10 in 2017, top 3 in 2016 or 2015 Championship)

Amateur Ranking & Distinction Exemptions
     • Top 500 on the Scratch Players World Amateur Ranking (as of date of entry)
     • Member of a Walker Cup and top 10 World Amateur Team since 2011
     • Any male exempt from qualifying for any 2016 or 2015 USGA Championship
     • 2017 or 2016 U. S. or British Open contestants (any amateur in the national fields)

Collegiate Ranking & Distinction Exemptions (GCAA- Golf Coaches Assn. Of America)
     • Top 100 on Golfstat Collegiate D1 final 8/2017 (after 2017 D1 Nationals)
     • Top 25 on Golfstat Collegiate D2 final 8/2017 (after 2017 D2 Nationals)
     • Top 10 on Golfstat Collegiate D3 final 8/2017 (after 2017 D3 Nationals)
     • Top 10 NAIA Players on Golfstat Cup Collegiate 8/2017 ranking (after 2017 NAIA Nationals)
     • 2017 NCAA (GCAA) Div 1 All-Americans (or Honorable mention plus all named to All-Region teams)
     • 2017 NCAA (CCAA) Div 1 All-Americans (first, second or third team)
     • 2017NCAA (GCAA) Div II first or second team All-Americans
     • 2017NCAA (GCAA) Div III or NAIA first team All-Americans

Junior Ranking & Distinction Exemptions
     • 2017 AJGA First or Second Team All-Americans
     • Top 20 on Boys AJGA or Junior scoreboard (at time of entry)
     • 2017 First Tee or Greater Sacramento Tour Low Stroke Average (at time of entry)


     • Tournament Committee Merit Exemption (for other “Scratch Players of note”)


Non-exempt entrants seeking to qualify to the State Fair Championship (SFC) could enter U.S. Amateur qualifying venues throughout the United States and finish in the top 30% of the field. (20 spots maximum) or in one of the following tournaments:

  • Sacramento City Championship, An NCGA 150 Player Pts to at McKenzie GC - June 17-18, top 40 qualify.
  • Sacramento County Championship.  An NCGA 150 Player Pts at Ancil Hoffman GC - July 15-16 top 40 qualify.

The above methods reduces the time and cost for independent qualifying with three convenient options for SFC exemption, giving access to Sacramento area based top amateurs and  those throughout the United States.

SFC qualifiers may signup to qualify with a $25.00 fee during registration at either the Sacramento City or Sacramento County Championship at MacKenzie GC and Ancil Hoffmant GC respectively prior to starting the 1st round of the tournament. 

U. S. Amateur 2017 qualifying venues finishing in the top 30% of the field may submit an entry but entries must be verified before accepted. Players may not  participate in a designated SFC qualifying event and later enter  the SFC  claiming an applicable exemption. Multiple qualifying chances are not allowed.  Successful SFC qualifiers must forward entry fee balance due two weeks after their qualifier, (Qualifiers who paid the $25 fee may submit a $225.00 SFC entry fee) Alternates are, first, excess exempt entries (after first 84) prior to the entry deadline, than players failing to qualify by one stroke and so on.  Alternate priority in the SFC will otherwise be determined based on the alternate's tournament track record.  The Tournament Committee (TC) decisions on SFC alternate selections are final.