Contacts and Merit Requests


All SFC inquiries, clarifications, questions and private accommodation requests should be directed via the following:

Tournament Director: Joe Dahilig
Telephone: 916.359.1933
Mail: 3200 Northview Dr., Sacramento CA, 95833

The contact information for the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex is:

Pro Shop: 916.575.2530 (no entry fax/mail requests)
Super Store: 916.575.2526 (no entry fax/mail requests)
Location: 3645 Fulton Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95821 (no SFC mail)

Merit Exemption Request

The Merit Exemption Request form has been made available to accommodate scratch amateurs who desire to compete in the SFC but do not meet the other exemption criteria as stipulated on the entry form and "Eligibility..." page of this website.

The Tournament Committee (TC) will review the Merit Exemption Requests received. The TC reserves the right to grant Merit Exemptions to as many amateur players to participate in the SFC as the TC deems appropriate. The TC reserves the right to approve or reject any Merit Exemption Requests at any time for any reason. The number of such requests granted exemptions will depend, in part, on the number of exempt player entries otherwise received by August 1st. All TC decisions on Merit Exemption Requests are final.

In order for your request to be considered, this Merit Exemption Request Form should be filled out completely and received by the TC by August 1st, 2016 via this email based platform or in writing to the Tournament Director. In the event a written request is submitted, all information herein requested should be included in addition to your current Golf Resume of Accomplishments. You will be notified as to your status via phone no later than August 15, 2016.

The SFC entry & fee must be received within five days after a merit exemption request is granted.

First name: Last name:
Street address:
City: State: Zip:
If you are in College, what is your Home Resident Country?
Email address:
Day Phone: Evening Phone:
(or other handicap ID #)
Do not enter actual handicap)
Golf Assn/Fed/Union
(SCGA, BCGA, FMG, etc.)
Golf Resume of Accomplishments (type text or "copy & paste in" from your electronic file)